2019 – New Year, New Me

I can’t believe that we are half way through January, and January 2019 at that.

Normally, I don’t set goals for myself when the New Year arrives, but this year I have quite a few goals. They are probably seen as “big goals”, but I feel they are only “big” and challenging if you put those barriers up. My goals this year are to be healthier and to find a better job. Those are probably my two “big” goals.

Healthier living so far, hasn’t been that bad. Though I did succumb to Dominoes over the weekend. I couldn’t help it! But I wish I hadn’t. Not that it’s bad to eat pizza, or Dominoes, I just honestly noticed a huge difference, even though my healthy eating hasn’t been some huge drastic event. For whatever reason, I just felt so sick after eating pizza.

My food habits have been, very little processed food, more veggies and more fruit… and LOTS of water. I’ve also (part of this life change) pushing myself to MAKE dinner when I get home, regardless of how tired I am. And eating left overs!! No wasting food!